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*The guild ranking system does not keep players out of raids. It is simply a tool to organize access priveleges to bank tabs, identify players that can give class assistance, identify leaders and highlight long term service of members. It is in no way a statement to the quality of a players ability or personality. If you are in the guild, we approve of you. Rank is simply a reward/organization system. All promotions will be discussed on the GM thread for approval. Any applications for promotion can be sent in personal message to GM on the site.


GM---Full Bank Access

Guild Master

ASST GM---Full Bank Access

2 Assistant GM's will share all GM priveleges with the exception of removing members from guild. Issues of importance such as promotions/demotions/bank access etc. will be brought to a 3-way vote between the 2 assistant GM's and the GM. Authenticator required

OFFICER---Deposit/Withdraw Unlimited; no GM tab access

An officer possesses all the veteran traits, but has been selected as leaders within the guild either as class leads, top contributor etc. Simply said, an officer is the go-to-guy in one facet or another within the guild. Revered Guild Status Required; Authenticator Required

VETERAN---Deposit/Withdraw Limited; no GM tab access

Veterans are members that have shown value to the guild in multiple areas. These areas include raiding, crafting, class aid, pvp, etc. Veterans are required to be raid ready, gemmed, enchanted and have professions near or at max level. Unselfish play is a major part of becoming a veteran. Participation on forums, grouping for dungeons, aiding others in professions, donating to the guild bank are all ways to further a players cause to becoming a Veteran. Simply said, a Veteran is a player that takes stock in contributing to the guild. Honored Guild Status Required.

ALT---Deposit/Withdraw 1st tab limited

Alt character. No matter what rank a player's main is their alt shares priveleges with the Member rank. For bank accesses, it is suggested that players either sign on their mains, then mail items, or request assistance from an officer/GM.

MEMBER---Deposit/Withdraw 1st tab limited

The basic level of guild membership. This rank does not denote a player's skill or involvement. Players with this rank have been approved through the application process and are simply beginning their career with the guild, or are more of a casual or solo player.

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