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re: Guild Activity

We are hoping to begin raiding a week or so into January. Check the General forum for the Raid Availability forum. Please list all of your toons that will be Raid Eligible by then (ilevel 340+). Also include they days and times you will be available.

-------Speir (345) Balance Druid-----------
-------Speirz(343) Combat Rogue-------
-------Speirx(344) Arcane Mage-------

Sunday Anytime
Monday 7pm-Midnight
Tuesday 7pm-Mdnight
Wednesday 7pm-Midnight
Thursday 7pm-Midnight
Friday 7pm-Midnight
Saturday Anytime

We will be creating a tenative schedule based on these responses.

PROFESSIONS: Keep in mind how the professions you have benefit others in the guild. If you have a gathering profession that does not benefit your crafting profession. Find someone in guild who will buy your mats rather than AH'ing them, lets keep mats and gold in-house. Place your professions in the Marketplace topic under the General forum with a description of what you are trying to do; i.e. Skinner LF LW to buy Savage Leather/Blackened Dragonscale. Or vice versa; LW looking for skinner to buy leather from.

Lets try to get that BoE gear into the Bank for our ENCH's

GUILD REPAIRS: These have been disabled in an effort to boost bank funds for purchase of more tabs. In the future it will only be available for raid repairs.

RECRUITMENT: From this point forward, no one is to be added to the guild without first filling out a guild application. Lack of effort on the application will result in denial. Only alts of current members may be omitted from this rule.

In Progress:
Guild Tab organization/access restructuring
Guild Ranks/advancement restructuring

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